Google Play Ads Play It Cool

Google over the last few months have been releasing some cool adverts to showcase their download services for android devices.

The concept of the video is very minimal. With a triangular play button positioned in the centre, various iconic images jump into the button, changing to the beat of the music. Whilst most of the images that appear are still with some exceeding the triangular margins, many are animated, even interacting with the button itself, with others playing in the background. Towards the end of the clip, if you haven’t yet been able to work out who was behind all this, then the surprise is revealed to be Google’s handiwork, with the minimal logo and text with a select choice of words of what Google Play is all about.

Overall, I love the simplicity of this advert. With all the screen space available, they instead make sure that the viewer is entirely focused on the centre of the screen and taking in all that Google Play has to offer. The fact that some of these images are animated and can exceed the play button adds a layer of complexity that’s refreshing to see.

In the newer advert that has recently been released, ideas from before have been revised and expanded upon, creating an even cooler ad that fully engages the viewer as they await what comes next in the preview. The speed of the clip ensures you can see and have time to recognise what the image is about, but fast enough to catch and keep your attention. A brilliant and professional job has been achieved here, as always.

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