May 15 2016

Goodbye my friend. You have been the one for me.

Today I stroked your side for the last time today. I made the mistake and now I have to say goodbye. I’m so sorry. I hope that you’re going to a better place. I took you for granted, I never made the most of our time together but you were weak. You were too big …

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Nov 13 2014


chuffing brilliant! Remakes of films are always open to opinion on whether the hype, money and effort was exactly the new face lift the current generation of today needed or an utter fail. Star Trek, Total Recall and Judge Dredd, all popular 80’s/90’s sci-fi films with a cult following, were some of the first to …

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Oct 25 2014

FFXIV Fan Festival 2014

So I’m currently blogging from the Tobacco Dock in London at the Final Fantasy Fan Fest. Whilst the queues are long with anticipating players, I thought I’d sit down for 5 and catch my breath. The event is pretty big, filling out most of the venue, which is quite an achievement considering the size and …

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Sep 30 2014

Pebble Smartphone Watch

Now I must have had my head up my arse for the last 2 years, as it’s only just become news to me that a smartphone watch called the Pebble has held the title of “The Most Funded Kickstarter Project” throughout this time, only recently being knocked off the top spot by the re-invention of the drink cooler. …

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Sep 26 2014

Google Play Ads Play It Cool

Google over the last few months have been releasing some cool adverts to showcase their download services for android devices. The concept of the video is very minimal. With a triangular play button positioned in the centre, various iconic images jump into the button, changing to the beat of the music. Whilst most of the images that appear are …

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